Research suggests that musculoskeletal pain is more common now than it was 40 years ago. This lends to support the concept that decreased activity may lead to muscular dysfunction and ulitmately injury. Also, today approximately 33% of adults are estimated to be obese. And obesity amoung teens and children are on a rapid rise. Presently, the wealth of technology and automation in the US has begun to take a toll on public health. People just arn't as active as they were in the past. And with all the after school programs being cut, the children arn't active either. My goal for each client is to help them get moving again so they can enjoy their everyday activities without pain, and help them incorperate movement into everyday activities. One doesn't have to go to a gym for ever to be healthy and active.  My program design is based on "Optimum Performance Training", an integrative Model. I use specific "phases of training" starting with stabilization training to increase your muscular endurance, stability, flexibility, enhance control of posture while developing your neuromuscular efficiency. This prevents injury that commonly occurs when one starts an exercise program.  I closely monitor your progress before moving you to the next level of training, which is strength training. There are 3 phases of training in this level before moving to the top level being power training. By the time we reach this level, exercise will be a habit and you will like it. I use the same principal of "bio-individuality" for fitness. Every "body" is different. Everyone's situation and lifestyle needs to be taken into consideration when exercise is perscribed. I will make it fun and effective. It will be a lifestyle! Are you ready?